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We are having a “the grandest of grand” Le Bal de Ballet on June 12, 2021!  We are so excited to be joining together, “Les Caprices du Papillon” (2020) and “Adventure is out There” (2021) for a very special night!  

Denver Ballet Guild is honored to be serving the Class of 2020 and the Class of 2021 together with what we think is going to be an uplifting night of honoring dozens of amazing Colorado young adults, coupled with a party that will be well deserved for all! 

As we prepare to honor the class of 2021, we are planning a year sure to be filled with “Adventure”.  Monthly events, just to mention a few,  will include an announcement reception in September, Protocol Dinner at Shanahan’s Steak House, Bowling, Broomball, Holiday Brunch at The Brown Palace, Honoree Western Party, and a couple of fun events for parents too! The Class of 2020 will also be able to enjoy their Mother/Daughter tea that was missed this past April.

The last few months have certainly been challenging for our DBG families, and our hearts are soaring now as we move forward with plans for the year ahead. As Le Bal de Ballet chairs, we both hope to combine these outstanding seniors and college-freshmen for a night they will surely remember!

Karen Walker - Le Bal Chair 2020, Les Caprices du Papillon

Judy Weisiger - Le Bal Chair 2021, Adventure is Out There

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Le Bal de Ballet 2022 Applications are now available online for Honoree and Honoree Sponsors - Apply Now!

Le Bal de Ballet 2020 Les Caprices du Papillon

Images courtesy of Wells Photography

Le Bal de Ballet 2021 Events

PLEASE NOTE:  Dates and Events are Subject to Change.  

Announcement Reception

Sunday, September 13

Honoree Adventure Park/Service Day

Sunday, October 4

Fall Parent Information Coffee

Tuesday, October 6

Parent Cocktail Party

Thursday, October 29th

Honoree Protocol Dinner

Sunday,  November 8

Honoree/Parent Brunch

Sunday, December 13

Father/Son Adventure Event

Sunday, January 31

Honoree Broomball Party

Sunday, February 7 

Parent Reservation Meeting

Tuesday, February 23 

Honoree Le Bowl de Ballet

Sunday, March 7 

Debutante/Mother Tea

Sunday, April 11

Spring Parent Information Meeting

Thursday, April 29

Presentation Rehearsal and Waltz Instruction

June 2021, TBD

Le Bal de Ballet Presentation and Ball

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Le Bal de Ballet 2021 Honorees

Thirty-four newly honored Debutantes and six Young Men of Distinction took the first step in their year-long journey at the Denver Ballet Guild’s 53rd Le Bal de Ballet Announcement Reception, Sunday, Sept. 13th, at Cherry Hills Country Club.

These distinguished seniors represent 13 Metro Denver schools. This is the first time they and their parents met each other for the 2021 Le Bal de Ballet, themed Adventure is Out There!

The 40 honorees are accomplished in academics, sports, music, theater, leadership and philanthropy.

Honorees will enjoy a full schedule of social events throughout the year before their presentation on Saturday, June 12, 2021 with dinner and dancing at the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel will follow.

All proceeds from Le Bal de Ballet go toward funding the Denver Ballet Guild’s philanthropic activities.

Le Bal de Ballet Class of 2021

Sofia Broada

Marin Bomgaars

Chloe Brants

Zack Brown

Juliette Bruner

Harrison Buecking

Emily Burkeholder

Claire Chahbandour

Meilani Cole

Finn Cooper

Teagan Crase

Emerson Damiano

Maya Dammen

Juliana Diecidue

Trey Digby

Julia Donovan

Ashley Fisher

Aidan Frei

Audrey Graves

Brooklyn Hanley

Abby Jablonsky

Rebecca Kerr

Lily Kim

CeCe Lloyd

Frances Murphy

Catherine O'Halloran

Jenna Raeder

Kate Raeder

Victoria Rodawig

Ellise Scannell

Holly Shankle

Kelsey Shankle

Elle Smith

Kimber Spelts

Lauren Sperry

Sam Storey

Taylor Truitt

Ella Walton

Michael Wolf

Allie Young

Le Bal de Ballet Class of 2020

Catharine Donovan Abbott

Anna Gabrielle Ahern

Tanner Douglas Amman

Paige Catherine Augustine

Kennedy Karen Austin

Evelyn Tabet Barton

Annabel June Benes

Clara Jean Buchmann

Caroline Grace Burke-Dullinger

Phoebe Florence Cannon

Betsy Taylor Cave

Collis Paul Chandler IV

Katy Madison Chichester

Christine Elizabeth Cole

Paxton Gentry Decker

Ari Topelson Diamond

Alexander Christian Lee Dinegar

Andersen LaCille Dodge

Kristiana Monet Drawe

Evan Alexander Fenley

Nicholas Patrick Carbone Fenton

Campbell Catherine Finch

Jordan Nicole Fisher

Isabelle Rae Ford

Tessa Meier Gervasini

Mathew Perez Gin

Michael Carlon Golinvaux

Alexa Caroline Goldstein

Carter James Graves

Elsbeth Crews Henry

Kirby Elizabeth Hodges Kimball

Gretchen Carey Hummel 

Daulton Shawn Hunter

Dominic Michael Jablonsky

Ava Katherine Johnson

Ella Jamison Marks

Molly Faye Miller

Jasmine Henderson Moore

Samuel Alan Neve

Alana Marie Neylon

Courtney Susan Packer

Samantha Rose Packer

Layton Petr Purchase

Margaret Elizabeth Rasure

Mathew S. Robinson

Mia Rose Satriano

Jack Earl Seavall

Joshua Adam Snyder

Sophia Diane Stone

Lucy Kathryn Storey

Adam Walker Stromberg

Brianna Madison Tolkacz

Lauren Elizabeth Turco

John Massimo Vezzani

Ella Christine vanKempen

Walker Nathanael Young

Le Bal de Ballet 2019 Emerald City

Images courtesy of Wells Photography

The Guild would like to extend our warmest gratitude to

Julie Bearup, Chair of the 2019 Emerald City Le Bal de Ballet, 

for a wonderful year and her amazing leadership.

P.O. Box 2656 Littleton, CO 80161 

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